Unprecedented Curiosities of Akira Toriyama: Origin of Strength of C-17 and More

As we all know, Dragon Ball Super has culminated its premiere episodes, as it finished its first stage at the end of March of this year 2018, with some impressive battles of the Power Tournament. And certainly one of the characters who managed to win the admiration of all the fans of the franchise, was C-17, who has not left his arrogance at all, only now he went from villain to hero, and had a really outstanding performance within the battles, giving very sharp answers to the gods, leaving all the fans with their mouths open.

For that very fact is that today we have decided to bring to all the followers of the series, certain curiosities about this new hero, and we know that some of these things are quite interesting, which were revealed very recently nothing more and nothing less than the creator of the franchise, the famous Akira Toriyama, and we bring them to all of you.

Below we will be dealing with some issues that contain spoilers about Dragon Ball Super, so if you have not seen the series yet, you are in time to leave this post. You have been warned!

A few days ago we found out that the official website of Dragon Ball, in its most recent update, has dedicated a well-deserved tribute to this character, C-17, completely transforming the site for the new hero of the franchise, publishing then a curious interview made to Dr. Gero, who is as many already remember him, the creator of C-17; and the scientist reveals interesting facts and curiosities about this character.

In that interview we learned that, as indicated by Dr. Gero, the C-17 was created at the time with human bases, like himself, and not as a robot completely, very different from Android 19, which in his case This one was based on a robot. And well, we must say that we all knew this already, but there was a very interesting detail, revealed by the scientist, because Dr. Gero said that both C-17 and C-18 had certain modifications at the time of their creation, and this would result in the decrease of cellular aging of the two, that is, this means that both androids will age much more slowly with respect to a normal human person, so we could conclude that these two boys will be able to live a few hundred years. years, well above the age range of an ordinary human.


In addition to this, another very important detail that was confirmed by Dr. Gero in the interview is that these two boys, because they have a human body base, they could achieve levels of forces much higher than normal, through training, as both They have the ability to develop incredible strength.

And as many have already seen, in the manga editions of Dragon Ball Super, the reason was not explained for sure how it was that C-17 managed to obtain such strength, so much so that he had the ability to face Goku with the transformation of Super Saiyan 3 in the manga, and Super Saiyan Blue in the anime series, and everyone was really impressed with these facts, then the origin of the strength developed by him at that moment would already be explained, because only with a training could manifest it.

In the same way, Dr. Gero also told in that interview that he had discovered C-17 and C-18 during the time of the Red Ribbon Army, and at that time the boys were still known as Lapis and Lazuli. , and then they were transformed; then the motive of the two to be so rebellious was that their bodies were modified by force, because all that happened against their will.


And if this seemed like little, really the secret of all the strength of C-17 is because Dr. Gero focused especially on him, he wanted to fully develop his strength and focused especially on 17, and for that reason the scientist omitted to work in obedience and control of this boy’s rebellion.

And this resulted in the exact opposite happened in the case of C-18, because the scientist focused on the obedience of the girl, leaving her really weaker with respect to her brother, C-17, and it is worth highlighting the fact that both characters possess, being androids, batteries of infinite charge, which means that these two characters never get tired, and could face any adversary without any kind of exhaustion, if that opportunity arises in their way, Did you know these details?

They are quite interesting revelations. Do not you think? And well as we know, there is still no exact date for the arrival of new episodes of Dragon Ball Super, as this is expected to happen next year 2019. For now we just have to wait for the arrival of the film, the which would be a sequel to the anime series, and is scheduled for release on December 14 this year 2018, which promises to come loaded with new and impressive surprises.

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