The new anime Dragon Ball Heroes, will show us a new facet never seen before of Goku

This new anime that will be released shortly, is part of those projects that go out of the ordinary, since, it will show us a series of events that will bring together certain characters and we will see new transformations that without a doubt are not part of the canon.

Certainly we are used to seeing in the Dragon Ball franchise more elaborate stories, even so, we are all waiting for Dragon Ball Heroes.

The character of Goku has many versions and each has its own style, with this new release we will have the opportunity to appreciate the combat of two of these phases, but in a different way than we saw in Dragon Ball Super, with Goku Black.

This time Dragon Ball Heroes will show us Aaun new Goku, officially named Goku Xeno; This character was first seen in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse video game and we will have it back in the Dragon Ball Heroes Prison Planet Saga.


Goku Xeno will have the ability to become Super Saiyayjin 4, he will have under his power the Dragon’s sphere of a star and it will become an inconvenience to escape from this planet for others.

This Saga of the Prison Planet will teach us how to Trunks of the future and Mai, decide to return to the past, so that Trunks can train with his father Vegeta and Son Goku, all this after the events of the Tournament of Power, but Trunks is caught by the Villano Fu and transferred to the Prison Planet.

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