While I think the twin siblings will have a noteworthy and battle considering their capacities, I believe it’s deceptive to make them Universe 4’s last stand. Damom is a minimum beyond any doubt to get a major battle considering his limited time data as of now uncovered on the official site before the begin of the Competition.

Presently how about we discuss the Shantsa, he appears to be completely superfluous now.

Regardless of that, this abnormal person is the main warrior in the Competition we haven’t seen battling or unmistakably having an adversary.

As should be obvious, Just Hit of Universe 6 and Shantsa of Universe 4 are resolute by Jiren’s intense breezes. I can see a little creature.

Whoever will battle him will carry on a bad dream to toss him out of the Stage, I figure the battle against Shantsa will be in the most recent minutes of the competition and not just it will be unreasonably difficult to thump him out of the stage and unbelievably unpleasant.

I surmise that Shantsa will be the last supervisor of Universe 4.

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