Toshio, an essayist of Dragon Ball Super, expressed that he composed a diverting scene of Zarbuto (Universe 2), and neither scene 117 or scene 118 were composed by him.

As we as a whole realize that Kelfa is at long last disposed of making two disposals in straight, which came about just two warriors are left from universe 6.Now, Universe 6 has just two Namekians Saonel and Pilina speaking to their Universe. They are clearly solid however they are fighting warriors from Universe 7, so I don’t think they hold a possibility of winning.

Universe 6 getting eradication would truly be something sensational, and something that would win a scene title, since it will be a significant piece of this competition.

I think this is how things will complete for Universe 6 and as yet, anything is sensible nobody comprehends what may occur in the expected scenes of Dragon Ball Super.

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