Goku may have gotten Super Saiyan God form and Super Saiyan Blue but what if he was an actual God?

Today, we will be discussing Goku as an actual God and not just a Super Saiyan God.
There are a few ways to get Godly Ki. There is to be born as a God, like the Kai. There is a ritual, like that which made Goku a Super Saiyan God, there is intense training, like Vegeta and Frieza and also being appointed a God of Destruction gives you natural God Ki.


The difference between the Kai’s, Gods of Destruction and people like Goku is Goku doesn’t naturally have God Ki. When he enters Super Saiyan God form and Super Saiyan Blue he has God Ki but it isn’t natural. He may have absorbed the power but he didn’t attain God Ki in replacement of his regular Ki. For that to happen he would have to be made an actual God.

This is why there is such a power boost when Goku uses these Godly forms.

So how powerful would Goku be as an actual God?

He is already on par with Gods of Destruction and in Ultra Instinct they all fear him. If he naturally had God Ki he would suffer significantly less fatigue and would probably have mastered Ultra Instinct.

Look at Goku Black and Zamasu. Massively strong because of natural God Ki, hence Super Saiyan Rose. What their downfall was a combination of overconfidence, fusing to become mortal again and lack of technique.

Goku Black was ridiculously strong but didn’t possess the actual ability of Goku. Imagine Goku Black but he is actually good.

If Goku had natural God Ki his base would be like Super Saiyan Blue but without the stamina issue. Then he could stack his transformations on top of that and it gets so powerful its almost paradoxical.


But why would Goku get natural God Ki? Well he is already training to surpass Beerus and has for quite some time but I’m not convinced Goku wants to be a God of Destruction. He is too carefree and prefers to protect rather than destroy. Maybe a Kai would suit him better.

Creating planets and training Saiyans that got killed and need to defend their planet from an attack by their own race to use the Spirit Bomb and Kaio Ken. Wait.

Let’s go back to Goku possessing natural God Ki and how strong he would be. Assuming his base is basically Super Saiyan Blue with Ultra Instinct, that would put him way above God of Destruction Tier. He already is. With natural God Ki Goku would be comparable to the Angels, if not stronger.


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