Dragon Ball Super Movie Possible Spoilers: ‘Yamoshi’ Stronger Than Jiren?

The last arc of Dragon Ball Super before its hiatus produced one of the most overpowered enemies in the world of anime yet. Jiren from Universe 11, the one who already surpassed the power of the Gods, and the one who doesn’t have any weakness except his ego, is the most powerful mortal right now in the franchise. The only person that can beat him right now is someone who has a complete access to Ultra Instinct. Will Yamoshi be as powerful as Jiren?

Is Yamoshi Stronger Than Jiren?

Yamoshi is currently in the spotlight right now. Not only because Goku was about to fight a new Saiyan in the Dragon Ball Super movie preview, but he’s also the only character that can legitly fit into the category. He’s the first Super Saiyan and first Super Saiyan God, he might also be the first legendary super Saiyan. And last but not the least, his soul still wanders in the place of the living. For some reason, he might be the next badass that Goku will fight.

There’s a Dragon Ball dynamics that has been working since the start of the series. A new threat will arise to stir the peace on Earth. This will push Goku to break his limits once again and become more powerful than before.

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