Dragon Ball Super Movie Latest News – Canon, HQ Designs & Many More!

Ever since Dragon Ball Super series ended, it created a void in our hearts, and somewhere down the line Dragon Ball fans believe that the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie is the perfect candidate to fill that empty space. The hype for the movie is extremely high because the movie will play as a base part for the next Dragon Ball series in the line.



Recently, Toei Animation has unveiled designs of some of the main characters which the upcoming movie will be featuring. The official designs of Vegeta, Piccolo, and Goku is out thanks to @AnimeAjay and @ErrenVanDuine, and fans have the opportunity to critique the images. The officials have maintained the same classic old look of the characters, and all of them posing with an intense look is what raises the bar even more.

Earlier, Toei also revealed the character designs of Lord Beerus, Whis, Super Saiyan Goku, and Super Saiyan Vegeta. They decided to stick with the grey version of Beerus for the film.

Also, a lot is expected from the movie in animation point of view especially after the addition of Naohiro Shintani, the person who is behind the elegant and iimpressive animation style of One Piece Film Z.

Dragon Ball Super movie 2018

Dragon Ball Super Movie will place on a new planet thanks to @Herms98’s revelation which reads, “According to Dragon Room chief Akio Iyoku, the DBS movie will have a “multilayered” story with parts set in both the past and present, and multiple settings. Toriyama’s provided the story and over 20 sheets of designs, including characters, machines, and at least one new planet.”

Dragon Ball Super Movie will focus on the origins of the strongest race in the world, the Saiyans and the origins of Goku’s Power. Fans will also get the opportunity to have a little peek into the movie when the Dragon Ball tours North America. The very first Dragon Ball Super Movie will be hitting the theatres on 14th December 2018.

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