The preview for Episode 114 of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ is now available, which confirms the birth of a new Super Warrior.

The Tournament of Power in “#Dragon Ball Super” is halfway over. While the discussion about Goku’s Ultra-Instinct has slowly died down, a new topic has been the center of many speculations in the fandom. Since the provisional title for Episode 115 was released, fans have been talking about #Kefura.

Many believed that she is the product of Kale and Caulifla’s fusion. The talk about the new character being the new Super Warrior further continued with the latest preview released for Episode 114. The trailer showed a new character in the series that strongly suggests Kefura is a product of a fusion.

New theory

On several social media outlets fans of “Dragon Ball Super” have been talking about the new Super Warrior. There are a lot of theories that fans have already come up with about Kefura. Interestingly, a new fan-theory recently surfaced online. The theory claims that Champa, the god of destruction of Universe6 has pre-planned this fusion long before the Tournament of Power officially started.

On Facebook, a fan named Harry Bolan  shared his thoughts on the latest and heavily speculated topic in the community. According to him, the god of destruction of Universe6 has already given both Kale and Caulifla the Potara Earrings before the tournament started. The fan believes that Kefura’s image in the teaser of the fighters before the Tournament of Power started shows that she is already wearing the Potara Earring.


Aside from this, he used the previous synopsis released for Episode 114 about Champa’s secret plan.


He also connected his theory to Cabba’s statement in Episode 111 when he said that Caulifla and Kale are the secret weapons of Universe6. He believes that this could be the reason why Cabba is protecting them and would want them to preserve their energy in the tournament. The fan goes on further saying that Champa has already given Caulifla and Kale the pair of Potara Earrings and told them to wait for his signal on when to use them.

Episode preview

Meanwhile, Toei Animation released the latest preview for Episode 114. It shows the continuation of the fight of Goku and the Saiyan girls from Universe6. The 40-second trailer also showed the most anticipated character that fans have been talking about for several weeks. The new character shown at the end of the trailer has a strong resemblance of both Kale and Caulifla. She is also seen sporting a Potara Earring.


Episode 11i of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “Intimidating Passion, The Birth of a New Super Warrior.” It is scheduled to officially air on November 5. #Dragon Ball Super Spoilers







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