Dragon Ball Super Jump says there are 27 warriors left instead of 26

Hello everybody, as Widespread Competition is en route the greater part done and still 17 minutes are remaining. There are 26 contenders remaining (Counting those shrouded warriors of Universe 4) on the stage and 2 universes are as of now eradicated. In any case, V Hop said that there are 27 warriors remaining.

Is this a slip-up? Or, on the other hand a warrior is there which didn’t really tumble off the stage, many fans are stating that it is Hit, We will clarify everything in detail beneath, First become more acquainted with what V-bounce is:

In the event that you are very much aware of Dragon Ball Super people group then you would have most likely run over the term of V-Hop. V-Bounce is a Japanese magazine issued week after week which masculine contains data about well known manga/anime/recreations/cards diversion and so on. Here is clarification by Wikipedia.

V Bounce’s essential substance is the data respects the video/arcade diversions and the card recreations. In this way, there are constrained quantities of manga titles have been serialized in V Bounce. A large portion of the manga titles in V Hop are the comicalization of the activity and the video/card recreations”

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