The ‘DBS’ anime unveiled Goku’s new Ultra Instinct technique, and now there’s debate in the fan community that Vegeta might attain it, too

The latest episode of “#Dragon Ball Super” aired this weekend and featured the anticipated rematch between the Saiyans from Universe 7 and Universe 6. While the anime series focused on Goku’s battles and progress, fans have noticed that another Saiyan might just be up to something as well.
The Universe Survival Saga arc kicked off the #Tournament of Power several months ago, and the battle royal recently reached its half-time. Countless things have already happened in the arena, so it’s safe to say that the anime series might just be gearing up Vegeta for something as well.


Vegeta has Ultra Instinct?


Ever since Goku attained a new technique called #ultra instinct (Omen) at the Tournament of Power, fans have been debating whether or not Vegeta will learn the new and powerful technique too.The Ultra Instinct is a powerful technique, that once achieved, gives the user a rare and highly advanced mental state. The technique is difficult to master, even for a god of destruction. Angel Whis initially possessed this technique and then taught it to Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus.


As of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 110, Goku, Beerus, and Whis were the only known users of the Ultra Instinct, even though Goku has yet to master it. The fan speculations were fueled by possible hints that the anime series subtly handed out in recent episodes. One particular giveaway was the scene where Goku unveiled his new power. While the others were blinded by the light that the new power emitted, Vegeta remained unfazed.


In addition, Vegeta even said that he could actually see Goku’s movements with his naked eye, even though Goku’s actions felt unreal to him. This dialogue led fans to assume that Vegeta might be close to unlocking the difficult technique. The Tournament of Power revealed a lot of unexpected progress, so it won’t be a surprise if Vegeta somehow also gained a new power. The Saiyan Prince joined the battle royal because he wanted to make sure Universe 7 wins, and that his newborn daughter has a future to look forward to.


The Saiyan Prince’s next fight

Akira Toriyama already promised fans that Vegeta will have a significant role in “Dragon Ball Super.”  The Saiyan Prince currently has the most number of eliminated opponents, and his next fight is going to be against Team Universe 11’s Pride Trooper named Toppo. The fight might not be featured in this week’s episode, but it will most likely be shown in the other upcoming episodes. Toppo might be a huge challenge for Vegeta, especially because he has been chosen to become the next God of Destruction of Universe 11, so he’s expected to be a formidable warrior.







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