Taking a gander at the screenshot, it would appear that a post we’re comfortable with. The combination move. I think this implies we’re getting yet another combination in the up and coming scene of Dragon Ball Super. After Kafla, this will be the second combination that we’ll see. There is likewise the Universe 3 Megazord that fuse in the future.

Ribrianne and Rosie may conceivably play out the combination move in the following scene of Dragon Ball Super. At any rate that is the way it looks to me. Be that as it may, it could likewise be another of their bizarre assaults. You never know with this group. In any case, we do realize that Heles isn’t against combination, and on the off chance that they had something like this up their sleeve, it could clarify why she didn’t give the Potara to Rozie and Ribrianne prior.

Once more, this could go either ways. It is either a joined assault, or a combination. I’m inclining marginally towards combination, on the grounds that separately, they’re exceptionally poor, and that can’t keep going long. They require another frame, or a remark important in the Competition of Energy once more, and truly, a great many people simply need Ribrianne to simply get thumped out. However, we don’t know whether that’ll occur within a reasonable time-frame, or not. What do you think about this? Do you see Rozie and Ribrianne playing out the combination move?

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