With 17 minutes to go, the Competition of Energy is entering a stage with energizing battles all around. All the foods are gone now, and all we have left are solid warriors, aside from perhaps a couple. Indeed, even they won’t keep going long, on the grounds that the following couple of scenes will eradicate another Universe from the Competition of Energy, which means we’ll be left with just five, after Scene 118 of Dragon Ball Super.

This week, Goku went up against Kafla, and because of Ultra Intuition, he could complete the activity. Despite the fact that Kafla went Super Saiyan 2, and broke her breaking points once more, Goku didn’t surrender her a the slightest bit of room. She lost, and accordingly, Universe 6 has only two warriors left at this point. Saoneru, and Pirina, who don’t seem to be all that effective.

Along these lines, I think Universe 6 faces an enormous risk of disposal at this moment. In any case, they’re not by any means the only one in peril. Universe 2 is additionally on slender ice, and they can be deleted any minute at this point. The following Universe to go, as I would like to think, would be Universe 2. In any case, the review for the following scene of Dragon Ball Super just alluded to the introduction of another Universe 2 warrior. Universe 2 needs a remark on to, and I figure this may simply be it.

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