An evil villain returns as an ally in the new anime Dragon Ball Heroes

One of the most recent news of the most famous franchise of Akira Toriyama, is the creation of a new anime, which would be based on the well-known card game Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which expanded the entire universe of Dragon Ball, and it has already been confirmed that he has won his own anime series, and we must say that this news has caused a stir among all the followers of the series, as it promises to come loaded with new and fabulous adventures.

And as many should know, the synopsis of this anime has already been revealed, as well as the characters that would be starring in this new saga, which has a brief description of each of the warriors who would be participating in the series of Anime, and we have been able to confirm, the return of an evil villain, and it is nothing more and nothing less than Frieza’s brother, Cooler, who would be back for this new installment.

Yes, as they are reading, Cooler, who has never appeared in the original anime series, would be coming for new adventures for the new anime, and as everyone will know, Frieza’s brother has only appeared in some movies and special editions of the franchise, but now it’s back for its appearance in Dragon Ball Heroes, what do you think of this?



What has surprised everyone is that this time, Cooler would be playing an ally role, as it turns out that this villain will decide to side with Trunks of the Future to be able to escape from the place where both have been taken hostage, the Prison Planet, to which they have been mysteriously taken. And well, all the followers of the series are eager to see what will be the result of all this, and that this alliance ends as soon as possible.

And for those who have not yet read the synopsis of Dragon Ball Heroes here we leave them:

“Goku and Vegeta are training when they are visited once again by Trunks of the future, but suddenly Trunks disappears and a mysterious man named Fyuu appears. Fyuu tells them that Trunks is trapped in space, in an unknown place built in a distant universe called Prison Planet. ”

What we can be sure of is that all the followers are really anxious with the arrival of this new installment, which we must emphasize, would not be part of the official canon of history, so it would not have any chronological contribution, but same way we are all very aware of all the news about this new anime, which has a release date for July 1 of this year 2018 in Japan, and all the fans are crossing their fingers to make it debut in all the world for that same date.

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