5 Ways To Defeat Jiren

Jiren’s power is unquestionable, he is the strongest fighter in the tournament of power and the strongest enemy that has been to dragon ball super to date.
How is Goku and rest of the team is going to defeat Jiren?

Following are the 5 ways Through which Jiren Can be defeated.

1.Ultra Instinct

The first way and most obvious way is that if Goku manages to master his ultra instinct and has another epic battle with jiren. This time because his power has increased through the mastery of ultra instinct, goku is able to take the winning edge.
we learned in episode 110 as goku was fighting jiren in ultra instinct form that goku continues to evolve as he fight.
“As he battles,with every block he hits jiren more quickly, sharply and heavily.”

so, there is a possibility that later on in this tournament goku re-achieve ultra instinct and this time he has mastered it.

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