Dragon Ball Team Reveals WORST Story-Line Changes by AKIRA TORIYAMA That Shocked The Fans.

Dragon ball super is heating up but story was not the same as it is now.
There was team of 10-20 members(along with Akira Toryama) who origionally proposed the story-line for dragon ball super but as we all know, the main protagonist for the anime is its creator, same goes for dragon ball super.

1st Big Change

The origional Design of super saiyan god was suppose to have white hairs but the creator did’nt like this idea and named its origional design as FAN ART,which is not true at all.
According to Tada yoshiyama Moro( a member of the jury) , he was going to portray Goku with white hairs and more muscular body.

2nd Big Change

Mystic Gohan was meant to be back in Black Goku arc.
Make Gohan great againĀ  was focused by one of the jury of the writing team.Later the idea was postponed in meeting of story writers by Akira toryama to increase the craze of Mystic Gohan.

3rd Big Change

Zamasu was origionally suppose to be killed by vegeta.
Toyotarau the illustrator of the manga and the jury member told the inner sources that before finalizing the comback of vegito they decided to end the zamasu arc by vegeta unleashing his inner potential and stabing zamasu with his KI saber (earlier used by black to stab vegeta),

but again as goku is the main lead he decided to put him in the frame too and hence he brought vegito back (which was a good choice though).

But if you are a vegeta fan, it is obvious that you will feel bad about this and you will agree that vegeta deserves to kill atleast one main villain of any arc and if Akira supported this decision they would have saved vegito for the tournament of power.

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